A Homegrown Name

The Worlds Largest Condom Maker – Karex has been taking the condom manufacturing sector by storm since 1989. Birthed from a small business in Pontian, Johor to exporting into various parts of the world – including Africa, UK and USA. To date, Karex has churned majority of the worlds market and exports to over 130 countries globally – making us The World’s Largest Condom Maker.


Manufacturing For Some Of The Strongest Sexual Wellness Names In The World. Karex has a range of brand names on its own – to name some, ONE®,ESP, Fantasy, Trustex, Carex and many more.


Fronting The Campaign Art Against AIDS ONE® continues to strive and play a critical role in the global health arena in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS and Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI) thru creativity and innovation. I mean hey, who do you think came up with the Super Studded Durian, Nasi Lemak Panas and Teh Tarik Kurang Manis and Rendang!

Art Against AIDS (AAA) is an annual charity event hosted by Karex – The World’s Largest Condom Maker in conjunction with World AIDS Day– a cause we hold dear to our hearts. In our efforts to combat the stigmatization and of HIV/AIDS through education and awareness we have teamed up with prominent youth groups, NGO’s, corporations and universities.

1st of December is where the whole world across the globe will hand in hand; give hope to those affected or infected by HIV/AIDS and wrap our hearts together in commemorating those who have lost their battle over HIV/AIDS. Art Against AIDS (AAA) will be held every December in conjunction with this yearly global health day.

How can art help in spreading awareness and education? Art is another way of communication – it is how human expresses an emotion, an idea and message in a different form through creativity by revealing the unsaid and brings you to a different perspective of the world. The idea behind this move is to raise fund through auctioning art and the fund raised will be channeled tovarious welfare organisations fighting for HIV/AIDS.

Karex Berhad have been hosting this proudful art charity campaign over the last 5 years and it is getting bigger and supported by the community as it evolves. It was first set up in 2015 – as a musical variety show and featuring a small number of artworks to be auctioned.In 2016, it was hosted as a complete art auction charity where it features prominent local artists and later in 2017 to date – Art Against AIDS (AAA) was rebranded, where professional artists together with the students mainly from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM) and Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) has taken part in supporting this annual charity campaign.